Construction & Renovation

With our enthusiasm for construction and renovation, we offer you houses and apartments in and around Berlin. That is the challenge we face every day. And only when you are satisfied are we too. Because we are not only with a cool head, but also with heart and passion. The company’s core competence is holistic property and project development as a whole. Our residential projects meet the needs of tenants and buyers alike.

Project Development

 The development of a good neighborhood is also important to us. The company’s core competence is holistic property and project development as a whole. Our residential projects meet the needs of tenants and buyers alike. We consider the needs of the tenants and residents of our projects – and at the same time the interests of the neighborhood, the city and the environment.


With a qualified administration, we are responsible for both tenants and property owners. It is  not without pride that we have all the necessary qualifications to competently take on this trusting task.

Due to the constant growth of the property portfolio of the Blankenberg Group,  the wealth of experience in the real estate industry grew year after year. We do everything we can to offer our customers a comprehensive service, because the satisfaction of  tenants and owners is the goal of our group of companies.


Most of the modern energy supply systems generate either electricity or heat. Combined heat and power plants (BHKW), however, can do both, because it is a combined heat and power plant (CHP). One of the numerous advantages of this extremely popular way of independent heat and power generation is the independence from an expensive energy supply. 

These modularly constructed energy generation systems use the primary energy in the most sensible way, whereby precisely this effective conversion of resources means a significant reduction in fuel consumption. By using the combined heat and power system, CO2 emissions are around a third lower than when electricity and heat are generated separately. The owners of such electricity-producing heaters can choose between various fuels.


Are you looking for a safe investment opportunity? Our company has been successfully involved in real estate investment for around 20 years.  Now we don’t want to rest and live from the fruits, but instead invest our knowledge and experience in new buildings in the north of Berlin. If you are interested in an investment opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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